Saturday, August 25, 2012

Try try again....

I love portraits but I'm pretty hopeless at any sort of realistic work of people, but I still have a go and these are some of the latest I have tried. I am trying to loosen up with my art and I'm not really sure how to do that. Some classes are needed again of course and I'm looking into that now. With summer almost over here, the chances of more classes available will be greater with people returning to the I might be in luck!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I love making journals

I have another journal on the is for our trip 'down east' in September to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and then across the ferry to Halifax. I've never been to those states and heard its quite beautiful so I'm really looking forward to it.

A new journal is always so much fun. This one is made from an old french book I found over in was a children's novel - I love the cover pic. Not too many pages are being put into it as we will only be away for 2 weeks, however I plan to fill it.

I did Mary Ann Moss's online class on visual journalling and bookmaking and I loved it. Her blog is Dispatch From LA...she is a lot of fun. I'm trying a new method this time...the Sewn Chains method which means the stitching shows on the spine of the book.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Why keep a blog? I've been reading some blogs where the writers were unsure about continuing with their blog but did so and found at a later date that it had been beneficial..some of those benefits being - becoming more creative, using their time more efficiently and some other things I don't was all pretty positive though. I have been wondering why I do this and so reading those thoughts really helped.

I am finding that life really is a fun journey and mine has been quite surprising. I grew up all over the place, (4 countries) and then settled down for many  years...after a divorce I have now ended up living on the other side of the world half the year. I didn't think I had planned this but realize of course that my choices led me here.

My real wishes deep down, I thought, were to have a permanent home and settle in and stay there so being uprooted every few months has taken me a while to come to terms with but finally I think I'm starting to really like it.

I have decided to put more time into this and see where it leads...I have some goals with my art and I hope to connect with more art minded people in this way as I don't have much creative contact where I am at the moment.

For now a photo of my art table and my daughter's papercut bird on the window keeping me company.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More treasures

This is the pile of goodies from the consignment shop yesterday...$15! I had lots of fun.

 This was a box of old collars with ribbons and buttons etc...very cute.
 A box of recipes...
 I'm keeping this book for you Trudes and Tom when you get has photos of before the war and then after etc..pretty interesting.
 Really cute old advertising ephemera..
 and vintage paper xmas stuff..
 This apple is about 40cm high and wooden for on the kitchen wall.
 And some really old music..

 Oh and this: I think it might be old rego plates...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New quilt happening..

 This was the dining table last in progress so table can't be used..sorry! Until we have guests and then I need to pack it all up AND vaccuum..poop. anyway..
 this is an old quilt I found at the op shop. It looks really good in this photo but its not as bright in real life..and the fabrics were very machine madeish...not nice to feel...but the back is so pretty (pics below) and I wanted those bits for my new quilt..have to take some photos and put them on here soon..
 ..both these fabrics were on the back.

New Painting in Progress

 This is my biggish painting..its 4feet by 3feet...I really like the size and actually...would like to go bigger next time..not sure how I would get it home though..maybe 2 this size together?
 Some of the hands are still on paper and some are already transferred onto the painting. You can tell the difference by the way some are much paler and subtle than the others...its a new process to me so its very exciting..I love it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mosaic table

 Well this is my table! The photos ended up in a random order took me 2 goes to do this ie to put them on the blog here...I really like my table...I also painted some plain pieces of china for fun...right in the center of the china is a piece of funny beach glass I picked up in Cape Breton a few years is pinkish and quite thick and pretty..I like it.

 This painting I did from a youtube video...maybe from Diana Trout..I'm not sure ...but its not original..I really wanted something to brighten up the kitchen...I think the painting will eventually change as much as I like it..I would prefer to have an original up there...:)....
 These pics are out on the balcony at the start and during the process...didn't want tile glue inside..!!
 You can see the some pieces I painted..pretty daggy but I like them..